Return of the hero
Come and listen to the story of a most unusual hero.

In a wondrous land, a boy was born. Destined to become a hero. They say his mother was a bear. They say this lad was brave and strong. He saved Lielvarde from a bear, earning himself the name of Lāčplēsis, the Bearslayer. So came the time for him to stand and fight for the people of the land, for his people
Lāčplēsis, the BEARSLAYER
Our protagonist, the hero. Gifted with strength and courage. He was found in the forest as a baby, where he was raised by a bear. They say his strength came from her milk, now it flows through his veins and rests in his ears. He's the personification of Latvian courage and strength.
The Bearslayer's lover. Daughter of the wiseman known as Burtnieks. Deceitfully taken away, she remains devoted and loyal to her land, faith and love
Witch that serves the dark. She's initially an antagonistic force that switches her loyalties after being charmed by the Bearslayers kind and brave heart. She embodies the strength of the Latvian spirit
Avatar of dark forces and foreign conquerors who have come to prey on these lands. His path crosses with Bearslayer as they are destined to face each other in a grand battle
New challenges manifest all around us daily, and we must learn to face them. One of such challenges is the upbringing of the next generation. Everyone recognizes the importance of a positive and inspiring role model in this situation. Often this role has been filled by mystified heroes of stories and legends. Their deeds transcending pages and motivating others to become equally remarkable in personality and action.
For each country these heroes differ. They are the personification of each nation's ideals and beliefs, of the things they value most and the hardships they have faced throughout history. That's why we relate and understand these heroes so well, they share our spirit, history and tell a story that's uniquely ours.

"The Bearslayer" a masterpiece written by Andrejs Pumpurs, released in 1888, and is the result of dedicated work over the course of 15 years, where the author used Latvian folk tales and legends to write a captivating epic that encapsulates the strength, courage and unity of the nation.
Time has come for heroes to return. This time with immersive technology.

The multimedia center "Digital Art House", one of it's kind in the Baltics, is currently working on the ambitious animation project "Bearslayer. Return of the hero" which will reintroduce the national epic in a modern form of grand scale. With monumental screens that surround the viewers in a full 360 degree view of the story. Allowing for an immersive experience that brings you back to the days of myth and legend, when gods were young and fearless heroes of unimaginable strength would walk the land, and their hearts burned with courage.
Despite the fact that "Bearslayer" is widely recognized as one of the fundamental Latvian mythological heroes, his story has rarely been graced by masters of the screen. With the only noteworthy instances being the film of the same name by Aleksander Rusteikis, released in 1930 and the rock opera of 1988 by Zigmars Liepins.

This is precisely the reason why presenting this story using modern mediums and technologies is so important. The original form of this epic is not to be undermined as there is undeniable value in consuming the tale in its poetic verse, yet the form that "Digital Art House" is offering has the potential of attracting the eyes of the younger generation in an information dense time.
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